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About the Organizers

ESTIV (www.estiv.org)

The European Society of Toxicology In Vitro (ESTIV) is an expanding society formed to strengthen links between organizations and individuals with interests in the many different aspects and applications of in vitro toxicology throughout Europe. ESTIV is active in the promotion of regular exchange of information on in vitro toxicology by organizing meetings (including the wellestablished INVITOX workshops, now ESTIV congresses), publishing a newsletter and the ESTIV website (www.estiv.org). Furthermore, ESTIV encourages and extends research and education in in vitro toxicology in Europe, cooperates with other organizations and societies concerned with in vitro approaches to toxicology, facilitates communication between professionals in government, business and academia to promote effective application of in vitro methods for hazard identification and risk assessment, and develops other activities that are pertinent to in vitro toxicology. ‘Toxicology In Vitro’ is the official journal of ESTIV.

President of ESTIV
Dr. Chantra Eskes, PhD
Email: president@estiv.org

SFT (www.sftox.com)

SFT (Société Française de Toxicologie / French Society of Toxicology) aims to bring together people working in various fields of toxicology, to facilitate and promote exchanges on technical and theoretical knowledge, to constantly make the inventory and disseminate new achievements in these areas, to promote further research as well as to actively participate to continuous training in toxicology.

President of SFT
Dr. Alain SIMONNARD, Pharm D, Ph.D in Toxicology
Email: alain.simonnard@inrs.fr

SPTC (www.sptc-web.fr)

SPTC (Société de Pharmaco-Toxicologie Cellulaire, Society of Cellular Pharmaco- Toxicology) is a French toxicological society devoted to alternative methods: reduction and replacement of laboratory animals in toxicology testing. Main objectives are to promote in vitro and in silico models in pharmacology and toxicology; to develop cell cultures or other subcellular/molecular structures of help for studying pharmacology and toxicology, as well as developing computer or cellular models; to facilitate exchanges of information between scientists, groups and public/ private organizations, disseminate relevant information and technical/scientific knowledge, as well as facilitate the training of young researchers in toxicology.

President of SPTC
Pr. Marc PALLARDY, Pharm D, PhD
Email: marc.pallardy@u-psud.fr

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