Let’s Get Healthy Safely And Quickly

Eating a diet is not easy, no matter how much our brother-in-law, cousin or best friend has done it effortlessly (according to him) and has achieved his goal. There are many who try, but much less those who manage to lose weight either by some causes or others. The wishes of the beginning of the year usually remain in borage water when we arrive in February.

That is why it is important to have as much information as possible when we are going to face a slimming diet. Knowing what is good, how to mix food, what to avoid or when to exercise is vital for our desire to lose weight to go from being a utopia to becoming a reality.

That’s why we have prepared a decalogue of weight loss tricks, ten points that you will have to comply with when you start your diet and that will help you achieve your goal. With these ten tips you will lose pounds quickly and, most importantly, you will experience an improvement in your health and fitness that will make you more satisfied with yourself.

1. Motivation to start

Changing the day to day is not easy, especially when we talk about food and we have many years with bad habits acquired. That’s why it’s important to motivate ourselves and be aware of what we have to stop doing because it’s not good for our body. Not only are you going to go on a diet, you are going to start taking care of yourself from the beginning.

That’s why you need to be motivated, have willpower, and commit to healthy habits that are beneficial to your health. Understand that you are going to stop eating some foods that you used to take and that now you will put aside, either because of their amount of fat or because it is not directly good for your body.

2. Knowing the food

Do you know the properties of oily fish? Do you know the proteins provided by chicken? You should start to know the foods you eat every day, because it will be the best way to know which foods you need to eat and which ones you can put aside. You don’t have to be an expert in nutrition: just having some clear concepts will help us.

3. Mixing Ingredients

The perfect diet combines proteins, fats and carbohydrates in percentages that depend on the needs of each individual, although the Mediterranean diet, for example, says that carbohydrates will be 50 percent of the total, fats a maximum of 35 percent and proteins should be around the remaining 15 percent.

Try to avoid saturated fats and choose monounsaturated or high quality fats.

That doesn’t mean we can eat all the carbohydrates or all the fats we want. Within these food groups there are more or less healthy and the example we have in fats: try to avoid saturated fats and choose monounsaturated or high quality fats such as those present in olive oil or avocados.

4. Practice sport

Following all these tips will be very useful to achieve your goal of losing weight. But if we really want to lose weight quickly, we have to do sport. Exercise helps us burn fat, as well as being very good for both our physical and mental health. If you have never done sport, start with the easiest thing: go for a 10-minute walk at a fast pace and increase that time every day.

Now all you have to do is mentalize yourself and carry out your plan. Get organized, prepare menus and fill your fridge with healthy food. It’s the best way to start a diet and in a few weeks you’ll begin to see results in your own body.