How To Lose Weight Without Starving Yourself

Slim without starvation? The key is to take care of ourselves, to eat healthy things and to always choose the most natural and least caloric option.
If you want to lose weight definitively and banish the yo-yo effect from your life, the best thing is to stop thinking about miracle diets (those where you only eat soup) and change your eating habits, so you can eat healthy every day and not live with the frustration of not being able to go out to dinner. However, you need to change the chip because there are things that we love to eat (and drink…) and that have a lot of fat, so you will have to replace them, everything requires an effort!

Learning to eat

You have to eat everything, food that adapts to your lifestyle and the amount of energy you spend: the more sport you do, the more food your body demands, daily physical activity is your best ally.

Eat calmly: did you know that the body needs between 15 and 30 minutes to assimilate the feeling of satiety? That’s why when we let ourselves be carried away by hunger we always eat all the time… If you find it hard to control yourself, do something while you are eating, like watching TV, talking, etc. And stop eating when you start to feel full! It’s okay to order takeout or save your tupper for later.

Respect the meals and schedules, eating 5 to 6 times in small amounts is good, promotes the assimilation of food and good digestion.

If it is from home, better: you already know that both the prepared food and the shakes or juices you buy have more preservatives and calories than those you can prepare at home with food fresh from the market. Try to eat more at home or prepare them there and take them with you, instead of buying something late when you get hungry.

Healthy cooking: boiled, roasted, grilled or steamed. And watch out for salt, you’d better use herbs and spices. Oh, and if you open cans of tuna, salmon or sardines, drain the oil.

“I love you, toast”: you don’t have to eliminate the bread from your breakfast (or from your life) if you love toast, just control the amount of bread and what you take it with. Chocolate and butter or cream cheese are very caloric, choose instead:

  • Natural tomato and oil
  • Fresh cheese and turkey
  • Sugar-free jam
  • Do not give up coffee, you can take it alone or cut, or with skimmed milk. And if there’s one moment of the day when you can have a cappuccino with skim milk, it’s at breakfast!

To the rich lemonade: reduce your consumption of alcohol, and now that summer is coming replace the beers and red wines by cider (which is more digestive and less caloric) or by natural lemonade flavors, are delicious and do not fatten anything. Iced teas are also a good alternative.

Be careful with cereals, especially if they are sweetened. Avoid these and opt for oat flakes with fruit for breakfast or afternoon snack. For breakfast you can have a medium sized bowl, but a small bowl is enough for a snack.

Yes to yoghurts, and to smoothies and natural juices, at mid-morning or mid-afternoon to satisfy hunger. But pay attention to the natural… if you make them at home or you order them in a place and they are with natural fruits, great, but they are not prefabricated nor add sugar to them!

No to biscuits and industrial bakery, by system. That doesn’t mean you can’t occasionally have breakfast or a chocolate palm, for example.

Meats and vegetables: take grilled or baked meats with vegetables or salads, they will suit you better and you will be lighter. Choose the cleanest cuts of beef and pork, such as tenderloins and tenderloin; chicken and turkey, breasts or tenderloin, and if you want to make a baked chicken, cook it without skin.

As for fish, whichever one you choose will have good effects on your health, of course: nothing, nothing, no sauces. No mayonnaise, no ali-olis, nothing. Nor in salads, always use a dressing of vinegar and oil combined with natural tomato, some nuts and red fruits, for example.

Less pasta and more rice, as a garnish or main dish. If you cook it without fat it is very healthy because it also satisfies a lot.

Take fruits, in salads and between meals, but when it comes to drinking a juice keep in mind that vegetable juices only contain half the calories of fruits because they do not have as much sugar, how about mixing fruits and vegetables?

No fast food, if you want to have pizza or hamburger (or a burrito, fajita, etc.) better do them at home in light version.

When you go out to dinner or eat out, get used to choosing the healthiest option:

  • Before a pasta or risotto, choose a quinoa salad or a brown rice with vegetables.
  • Before pork tenderloins with cabrales sauce, order a steak tartar or grilled beef sirloin.
  • Before grilled cod in the oven or breaded hake, ask for a tuna tataki or an octopus leg.