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For the benefit of consumers, I will also say that the products I am listing are not dermatological products, and are not to be used in the treatment of skin problems. The most important thing to do when trying a product is to use the product as directed. If you are sensitive to any ingredients, read the ingredients, and use as directed.

The following products have not been independently tested for effectiveness and are not suitable for use on your own skin. I have not had a chance to test any of these products myself. These products are not currently FDA approved, and as such, I am not able to tell whether or not they are safe or effective for any skin condition. As such, I can only recommend using them as part of a skin care routine, not as a substitute for regular acne and blemish-reducing acne medication. I strongly suggest reading the label before you start using the products.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is one of the more common plant extracts used in skin care, though it is a plant that is not necessarily healthy. In its natural state, aloe vera contains a glycoside called the aloe vera gel, but in a processed form.

The aloe gel has a strong scent, which may be an unpleasant sensation.

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