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This is part of my "Ultimate FIT Kit" I use in my workouts. This will help me with many workouts, like running, jogging, cycling, and swimming. This is a "bodyweight" workout. I'm going to use it on this page too. These are a few of my favorite exercises for weight training. All exercises are also free! This is a set of "weighted squats." I love using these. I just use an extra towel under the bar. I love the strength that these can provide. I use the back of a chair. The kettlebell swings look good. I can get a good amount of kettlebell swings in a month. I can't get enough kettlebell swings! This is one of the best workouts I have ever done. I am not a big kettlebell player so I didn't do the swing. This is my favorite video on youtube. I am a kettlebell warrior and can't believe I have never tried it! I do have a friend who has a couple of sets of kettlebells that I like, and we are doing some swings in my living room. I have always thought that swinging a kettlebell for 60 seconds was hard. There are three basic styles of swings: Incline - With the arms locked out to the sides.

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4 Gauge

4 Gauge

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