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We have prepared a decalogue of weight loss tricks, that you will have to comply with when you start your diet and that will help you achieve your goal.

With these tips you will lose pounds quickly and, most importantly, you will experience an improvement in your health and fitness that will make you more satisfied with yourself.


You need the right mindset and motivation.

Expert advice

You need advice from experienced trainers.

Fast & safe

You need tips and routines that are safe and proven to work.

How to Actually Lose Weight

5 Steps That Will Bring You Closer To Real And Lasting Weight Loss

Awareness, analysis and evaluation of where you are and why. Development of strategies that will help you overcome obstacles and maintain motivation.

Understanding the cycles of hunger, your compulsion and anxiety about food. You will begin a progressive and safe reduction of carbohydrates in the diet. I help you maintain a winning mental focus and enjoy the changes.

Introduction to the ketogenic diet with everything you need to know (and I would have liked someone to tell me in their day): what to buy in the supermarket, examples of menus, examples of combination of dishes, how to overcome the “keto flu” without major problem, tricks to overcome the craving for candy, what to eat away from home, what to have in the pantry for emergencies, and so on.

The favorite phase for you and me. You deflate, lose weight and volume quickly, you see your anxiety about sweets and carbohydrates disappear, your hormones and sensation of hunger are regulated, you feel motivated when observing changes in weight, emotional balance, and general well-being. We are gradually polishing the details and finding out how to bring this style of eating successfully into the busy day to day.

You reach the balance at an organic, mental and emotional level that allows you to gradually lose fat. I give you all my advice on how to combine the ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting, and thus maximize the fine-tuning of metabolism and fat burning, among other surprising benefits.

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